Recreational and medical marijuana dispensary in Bend OR

DiamondTREE is a full-service cannabis dispensary, serving the Bend and Madras communities for years. We've grown into one of the area's most trusted resources for product, equipment, and information about recreational and medical marijuana, open seven days a week.

Our cannabis-infused products cover the entire range of marijuana for recreational or medicinal use. We make your orders easy to get with our online pre-order system and mobile app. You can always pick up your order at one of our friendly store locations during business hours.


A full-service recreational and medical dispensary

DiamondTREE’s staff is comprised of cannabis experts who are always ready to help. Whether you’re a veteran cannabis user looking for a strain you’re familiar with or a beginner who wants to learn more about the landscape, we’re available and enthusiastic to assist you.

DiamondTREE stores are comfortable and supportive places to explore the culture of cannabis. They’re ideal places to learn about strains and approaches that are right for you, and we’re always happy to guide you through the landscape.

DiamondTREE customers trust us with their marijuana experience. We aspire to be the most trusted resource for recreational and medical cannabis in Bend OR and the most reliable dispensary in Madras OR.

Our Online Ordering System

DiamondTREE’s easy-to-use online ordering form distinguishes us as the most convenient cannabis dispensary in Bend OR. We make it easy to search and order the products you need and pick up your order from one of our locations within minutes.

Even if you’re not sure what you want, DiamondTREE online ordering can help you decide, purchase and obtain your merchandise in just a few simple steps:

  • Look up the product you want or use our guided search tool to find a list of choices. You can search our blends by recreational or medical use, brand name, potency level, or the strain you’re looking for.
  • Review results. Our results page displays all the products that fit your search query, with images, prices, and more specific information.
  • Choose what you want. Click on an item to read more about it or add it to your cart. You can choose whatever quantity or size you need.
  • Enter your name and phone number to start an account — return customers just need to log in again.
  • Pick up. We’ll send a text message when your order is ready. Just get to one of our two locations in Bend OR, or our dispensary in Madras OR, pay in cash and pick it up.

DiamondTREE is committed to getting you exactly what you want or need, safely and quickly.

Best of Central Oregon Winner 2016
Recreational Cannabis & Medical Marijuana Dispensary
Best of C.O. Eclipse 2017

Recreational & Medical Marijuana Dispensary

DiamondTREE is a medical and recreational dispensary with locations in Bend & Madras Oregon. We specializing in a wide selection of premium cannabis products. Established in 2010 by founder Sam Stapleton, the company has grown into a statewide dispensary chain with locations in Central and Western Oregon. DiamondTREE inventories hundreds of cannabis-infused products which can be ordered online or through their mobile app and are always available at store locations seven days a week.

Dispensary Products

DiamondTREE's broad range of products makes us a first-rate center for recreational and medical cannabis in Bend OR. We cater to all preferences and modes of marijuana consumption and can offer advice on the many different options the modern user has to choose from. Our inventory includes:

  • Pre-rolls. For those into the traditional marijuana smoking experience, we have a huge selection of ready-made joints of various strengths and strain ratios.
  • Flowers. More experienced users can buy the most in-demand blends in the exact quantity and strength they need to roll their own.
  • DiamondTREE provides cartridges for vaping and e-cigarettes for those who prefer a more controlled, subtle smoking experience.
  • We offer high potency, extracted cannabis in concentrated forms that retain the most effective compounds and discard the filler, including shatter, badder, resin, waxes, and more.
  • Our varieties of cannabis-infused food and drink suit whatever taste and form you crave, including candies, gummies, chocolates, beverages, cookies, lozenges, and more.
  • We feature a lineup of solvent-based cannabis products, in measured drops or breath sprays, for anyone looking for more controlled dosages.
  • DiamondTREE has cannabis-infused creams, lotions, balms, sticks and more, for use on sore muscles, skin irritations, and symptoms of arthritis.
  • CBD gummies. Our CBD-dominant edibles are strong supplements for users exploring alternative medical solutions.
  • Accessories. From pipes to spoons, vape batteries to lighters, DiamondTREE carries all you need to make your encounter complete.

Talk to DiamondTREE’s experts about the right choices for your experience.

Choose your strain

Cannabis is a versatile plant, and its distinct variations produce divergent effects on its users. There are three basic categories of marijuana strains (more specifically, two strains and a hybrid) that aren’t just different in how they look: They’re said to give users a varied range of experiences, and educated users gravitate toward specific kinds for the results they want.

  • Sativa. The plants that produce the Sativa strain are generally tall with slimmer leaves. They're higher in THC content than CBD. Sativa plants are most associated with the "mind high": an activated, vigorous mental state that's conducive to creativity and productivity. Sativa strains are often sought out by those who want to relieve anxiety, improve mental focus and feel more sociable.
  • Indica. Indica plants are shorter and squatter with wider leaves, and usually grow a little more quickly than Sativa. They contain a higher concentration of CBD. The Indica strain is frequently used to induce relaxation, alleviate pain, increase appetite or encourage sleep. Indica is more closely associated with full-body sedation and is usually the choice for those seeking to wind down at night.
  • Hybrid. Sativa-Indica hybrids are primarily grown in controlled greenhouse environments. Their appearances can vary. Although there’s a closer concentration of both strains, some hybrids tend to favor one strain over the other. Hybrids are often cultivated for more specific uses than Sativa- or Indica-dominant breeds, and of course vary in effect from plant to plant.

As your authority for medical and recreational cannabis in Bend OR, DiamondTREE knows which blend or balance of Sativa and Indica can best help produce the effect you want to achieve. Ask us anything and we’ll be happy to help.

Benefits of medicinal cannabis

CBD from hemp is legal in all 50 of the United States, although in some areas it's still strictly regulated, and access requires registration from medical marijuana users. But science and user experience have shown that it may be highly effective in treating many troublesome conditions and symptoms, including:

  • Pain or discomfort
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Cancer-related symptoms
  • Skin conditions
  • Seizures
  • High blood pressure
  • Glaucoma
  • Inflammatory disorders
  • ADD and ASD

Although every user’s experience with any substance varies, most CBD users have reported few if any side effects. Since it’s used to treat physical ailments, medical cannabis is subject to a more regulated growing process and tests for impurities and pesticides before it’s made available to potential patients—so safety is a top concern at all levels of CBD production before it even gets to a dispensary.

DiamondTREE carries many different strains of CBD-dominant cannabis, and our experts can help medicinal marijuana users seeking relief from pain and discomfort.

About your local recreational and medical dispensary

The historic legalization of recreational marijuana in the United States continues at a fast clip, including in Oregon. With a new sense of openness about the industry comes a lot of questions about what recreational dispensaries are and what they can provide.

Anyone over the age of 21 who’s curious about cannabis can visit DiamondTREE. Our shops are open to all experience levels, whether they’re new or veteran marijuana users. We cater to all legal users across all spectrums of knowledge, from “a lot” or “a little” to “absolutely nothing.”

As marijuana sheds its stigma and becomes a legitimate business in America, there's a lot more interest in it from people who have never tried it. A good recreational dispensary is more than just a supply store—it's also a place where inexperienced users can get solid, judgment-free information about cannabis culture.

DiamondTREE prides itself as a source of information for the new cannabis user. Our experts can talk to you about the different strains of marijuana and the effects they produce—many new users are surprised to find that one size doesn’t fit all. We explain the difference between delivery methods from smoking to edibles, and offer advice on the strengths of various forms from topicals to concentrate.

We’re also a resource for the longtime user who’s looking for different ways to enjoy recreational cannabis. Now that marijuana’s closer to the mainstream after decades of being underground, veteran users have a much broader choice of strains and forms than they’ve had in the past. DiamondTREE helps the experienced but curious marijuana enthusiast rediscover their favorite plant in new and unexpected ways.

At DiamondTREE there are no stupid questions. That attitude has made us the most trusted center for recreational cannabis in Bend OR. Our doors are open to anyone of age who wants to discover or broaden their knowledge about marijuana.

The move to medical cannabis

With marijuana gaining acceptance even as a recreational substance, proponents of medicinal marijuana are more encouraged to correct decades of misinformation about cannabis’s physical benefits. While they come from the same general origin, there are a few substantial differences between medical and recreational marijuana.

Cannabis plants contain a multitude of chemical compounds, but the two biggest are cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Both are thought to have a measure of health benefits, but CBD has been effective in treating certain medical conditions and symptoms, including anxiety, pain and discomfort, Crohn and Parkinson’s diseases, and many more.

The big difference between the two compounds is their mind-altering effects—namely, CBD doesn’t get you high, and THC usually does. People who seek to relieve their medical conditions gravitate towards hemp strains with greater concentrations of CBD, especially if they want to relieve discomfort without getting high. Recreational users, on the other hand, tend to head straight for THC-heavy strains.

We Redefine the cannabis experience by providing unparalleled levels of atmosphere, customer service, education, and product selection. Visit one of our Madras or Bend dispensaries, don't forget to you can save time and pre-order for and of our dispensaries.

"Our goal is to redefine what one may expect when they come into a cannabis retail establishment. Redefine their knowledge and understanding, their acceptance of cannabis as a medical remedy and recreational preference, and most importantly to reverse the negative stigma that still impacts this industry. Every expectation of what it means to be a cannabis user can be redefined with a single positive experience and we work hard every day to ensure that anyone and everyone who walks through the door receives that experience."

Sam Stapleton-Founder & President

Do not operate a vehicle or machinery under the influence of this drug. For use by adults twenty-one years of age and older. Keep out of reach of children.