Superior Medical and Recreational Dispensary West Bend

At DiamondTREE Club, our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always on hand to help you select the perfect medical or recreational cannabis products to suit your personal needs and preferences, and our West Bend medical dispensary is conveniently located at 1233 NW Galveston Avenue, just east of the NW 14th Street roundabout. Whether you’re looking for options to help you relax, improve slumber or appetite, or amp up creativity, our wide selection of premium products is waiting to be discovered.

When you visit our West Bend recreational marijuana dispensary location, you’ll find it conveniently located near some of your favorite spots. It’s easy to stop in and browse on your way to Power Vinyasa or a therapeutic massage at Namaspa Yoga, just around the corner, or you can pick up your order when grabbing a handcrafted latte at Kanona Café down the block, or a fresh smoothie at Mother’s Juice Café just two doors down. Looking for some delectable vittles to complement your favorite flower or concentrate? El Sancho Taco Shop, Bo’s Falafel Bar, and Cibelli’s Westside are all within just a few blocks of our location, and you can even pick up some local brews at nearby 10 Barrel Brewing or Sunriver Brewing Co.

Our convenient West Bend location is not only near your favorite spots in town, but we make it easy to visit with accessible parking out back and daily hours of operation from 9am to 10pm, to fit your busy schedule. We also prioritize education. Our friendly staff of cannabis experts is always happy to tell you about different strains and products so you can make informed decisions about your health and wellness.

With premium products, incredible variety, competitive pricing, and a welcoming environment, you’ll find everything you’re looking for at DiamondTREE Club, and our dedication to customer satisfaction has made us a preferred dispensary among locals and visitors alike. Don’t forget to ask about our in-house deals whenever you visit to take advantage of the best pricing on the products you love.

The Selection at Our West Bend Medical Dispensary

At DiamondTREE Club, you’ll find all your favorite cannabis strains, so you can enjoy the head high of uplifting sativa, the body high of relaxing indica, or a bit of both with a wide range of hybrid options to suit your every need. We ensure quality with products that are always pre-tested for safety and efficacy, and our wide range of product categories includes:

- Flower

Traditional flower is a great choice for anyone seeking a blend of potent cannabinoids and flavorful terpenes. Try out local faves like Gardener’s Super Silver Haze Sativa, or SugarTree Farm Banana OG Indica or Sugar Cookies hybrid.

- Pre-Rolls

Not everyone has the time or inclination to roll their own. Pre-rolls provide the sativa, indica, or hybrid strains you prefer in a convenient smokable you can quickly spark for speedy relief or relaxation. Try our popular Blue Headband Preroll Packs from Smokes for energizing sativa or Critical Kush for some indica chill.

- Vaporizers

If you’re looking for something a bit more discreet than flower or pre-rolls, consider the wide world of easy-to-use vape products, including carts like Select’s Green Berry Co2 sativa or Dark Star’s Sweeties indica.

- Concentrates

For seasoned cannabis aficionado, our West Bend recreational cannabis dispensary is pleased to offer a range of highly potent products, from badder, crumble, and live resin, to wax, diamonds, and more. If dabbing is your jam, be sure to try our Thai Cookies Badder from Korova, the Purple Loop Kush Crumble from Emerald Extracts, the Cookie Dream Sugar Wax from Altered Alchemy, and other perennial faves.

- Edibles

You may not be keen to advertise your cannabis use, in which case edibles offer a great way to enjoy your favorite strains without anyone being the wiser. Products like mints, chocolates, gummies, hard candies, sodas, and more provide both discreet consumption and easy dosing for those new to cannabis or anyone looking for a little variety. Popular picks like Wyld Raspberry Gummies or Grön Dark Chocolate Sea Salt bars are sure to please.

- Tinctures

Starting small and building up to your ideal dose is made easy with tinctures. Try the recommended dosing with tasty Lemon Ginger or Peppermint 1:1 Drops from Select placed under the tongue or in your daily coffee or juice drink. Then slowly increase dosing until you achieve desired results.

- Topicals

Sometimes whole-body relief isn’t enough to treat specific aches and pains. With topical lotions, salves, and balms, you’ll enjoy the targeted relief you seek with direct application to achy muscles and sore joints. High Desert Pure Ginger Lime Clinical Strength Lotion absorbs quickly and smells divine, while Eucalyptus Balm penetrates deeply for long-lasting relief. Don’t forget to try the Mint Tea Tree Lip Balm from Sacred Herb Medicinals to soothe your chapped pucker.


Looking for the relief of cannabis without the associated high of marijuana? Choose THC-free CBD products like Wyld Blackberry, Huckleberry, Lemon, or Raspberry Gummies.

- Accessories

Whether you’re interested in West Bend medical marijuana or recreational cannabis, we don’t leave you hanging at DiamondTREE Club, where you’ll find not only a huge selection of premium products, but also accessories like pipes, rolling papers, lighters, batteries, and more.

Purchasing Options for Our West Bend Recreational Dispensary

Your satisfaction is always our highest concern, which is why we make purchasing a matter of convenience. Feel free to visit our West Bend location to speak with our expert staff or simply order online or over the phone and pick up in-store at your convenience. Whether you like to consult with the pros in-store, you prefer to take your time comparison shopping and educating yourself online, or your busy schedule demands skipping the lines, we have options to suit every customer at DiamondTREE Club.

Why Choose DiamondTREE Club for Medical and Recreational Cannabis

Our West Bend recreational dispensary is known for providing an outstanding selection of premium products, offering competitive pricing (including in-house deals), creating a welcoming environment staffed by our friendly and knowledgeable team, and consistently delivering the exceptional customer service you expect and deserve. Visit DiamondTREE Club’s West Bend location today to find out why we’ve become the preferred local medical and recreational dispensary.